Poetry Darkness Hommage for Begotten! A Poem of Darkness:

I Am Al Qaeda

The soul light in my eyes, dim now,
my heart is as cold ash dispersing into the wind on a moonless night.

In the soul light of your eyes though,
glistens all that was promised to you in this life
and in the sparkle I can see all your hopes and dreams.

I see in the manner of your spirit and in the light of your life,
all those you love and all those who love you.

I know each of them intimately
I'm holding their hearts in the palm of my hand.

I can feel the slightest vibration
in the web of love you've nurtured upon this world.

In the lines around your eyes
I see all the hopes you have for your children.

I know that deep in your heart their lives
mean more to you than your own

And in the unclouded, unjudging eyes of your youngest
I can see that you are the pillar upon which their happiness rests,
that unless you teach them love they will never know it.

Now die.


Copyright Tiger Crane Entertainment