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Create One Big NTFS Partition from many smaller Linux Partitions

Had 4 partitions on the single hard disk: disk0

1 C:\ NTFS
2 LINUX ReiserFS           (He did kill his wife!)
3 Linux swap
4 I:\ FAT

C: was a primary Windows NTFS partition. The other 3 partitions were logical partitions within an extended partition on disk0 which has dip switch set to boot drive.

Wanted to extend C:\ to whole drive and blow away other partitions.

Problem: a primary NTFS partition can only be extended in to free, unpartitioned space that was previously a primary partition that was formatted as NTFS --at least as of W2K server. I don't know about later versions.

I used the free program diskpart from the Windows resource kit - available from Microsoft website. Read most of doc. Basic use of diskpart: First select disk, then partition, then do command to delete, create or extend the selected partition. I used the evaluation version of Paragon partition manager to verify what diskpart was telling me.

So, I deleted all of the logical partitions after doing a backup, then deleted the one extended partition. For chrys sake don't delete the primary NTFS partition. Rebooted. Created one big second primary partition on disk0 and then formatted it to NTFS. So at this point I have two primary partitions on disk0. (Yes, you can have 2 primary partitions on a disk). Rebooted.

Deleted second primary partition on disk0 and then extended C: into the free space.

After next reboot could not boot, got grub error "Grub files not found" and then a prompt. This is because I was using Grub to boot and Grub pointed to Grub boot files that were previously on the deleted Linux partition.. It is a great boot loader and better than the MS loader but, hey, it wasn't needed as I wanted only one Windows partition. To fix the boot problem: insert a W2K install CD and boot into the recovery console then:

cd to C: the root directory, you MUST be in this dir
fixboot C:
bootcfg /rebuild

The 3rd command is supposed to rebuild boot.ini but it did not work on w2k and I could not find it on the disk. Didn't need it anyway. Booted good with Windows loader after that.

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