Portal to Hell 666

Fire in Hell

The Native Americans and Tibetans wearing the masks of gods and spirits
--immersed in ritual dance.
A dance of feeling, no intellectual equation,
diving deep to finer emotions for which no words exists,
arriving at a sacrifice of one’s mental existence
--surrendering to the higher spirit and becoming that spirit.
Spirits of war, of the hunt, of healing, of love, of fertility;
now imbued with this spirit the seer goes ahead with the task at hand in life.
It’s a beautiful experience –a catharsis.
Seek, in the dance of your life, the spirit of Dajjal –the anti-Christ.

William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Dante And Virgil In Hell (1850)

Dante And Virgil In Hell (1850)
by William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905)

No a web page cannot actually take you to hell but the information here will take you there.  I have no sympathy for you if you proceed and the infernal names ruin your life. You see the trouble is only a very small number of people can use the infernal names to get what they want out of life while most who attempt to use the infernal names are completely crushed --as in destroyed by drugs, diseases caused by the rotting of the soul, manipulation schemes or by others that you thought you could manipulate and worst of all you could lose love. Real Satan worshippers embrace love. The incredible irony of Satan's evil is that people use it to get what they want but almost always they can't handle it. If you instantly, arrogantly assume you can handle it --you can't.

Anton Szandor LaVey, born Howard Stanton Levey

Anton Szandor LaVey
born Howard Stanton Levey
In The Satanic Bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey, one can find a version of the infernal names of Satan but his are not the authentic version. He simply collected names of Satan and Demons from many languages and cultures and put them in his book. By shear luck or by intuitive design some of his names match the real ones and the astonishing thing is that reciting even his inauthentic version can have a dramatic effect. By the way, it is interesting to note that later in life LaVey admitted to being an atheist. Real Satanist believe in the supernatural and in Satan's existence.

What I provide here is a bastardized version of the infernal names. More accurate than LaVey's but not the verbatim version. The idea is that one recites the infernal names repeatedly and alone. Group chanting can also be done. Usually when one is offered some sort of supernatural encounter or experience, one is told "you have to believe in order to fully experience it". I would say that in the case of the infernal names this is not true. Even if one were to assume the infernal names are nonsense and then recite them repeatedly -when you are alone- the effect would still be felt. But the effects are subtle and by the time you feel the full power of Satan it will be too late. Everyone has limits and the continued recitation of the names -like thousands of times- will eventually destroy anyone. Be warned, self destruction starts when you see an evil like synchronicity around you in daily life and you start uttering strange things that don't seem like they're your own words.

Yahoo search on mind of scott and satan yields 666 hits. Synchronicity

One other thing: this particular presentation of the infernal names is taken from a rather ancient (and somewhat incomplete) Middle-Eastern guide that holy men use to destroy those possessed by or those who use the infernal names. The translation is good but not perfect. This guide's relevance to the current world situation is extraordinary.

The Guide to the Destruction of the 66 Infernal Names of the Dajjal الدّجّال

Tarot Card - the devil.
This book is the guide to the destruction of the sixty-six names of evil. Many have called them the infernal names. The recitation of the evil names can cause the world to degenerate into chaos and misery. The battle of good against evil ensued at the beginning of time before good and evil had been named. The forces of goodness must be marshaled quickly for the growth of evil is multiplying. The essence of these evil names is Iblis, the Satan.

Network makes world a village When the whole world is a village he will fight his battle for dominion over all men and if he is victorious his presence will change from formless evil into a man who walks upon the earth and embodies the essence of the sixty-six names of Evil. His touch will bring instant death and his sight will bring a slow death of pain. If he thinks of you then you will become ill. His mission is to bring misery and death to every last one of us. Once he is formed into a man even the most holy man or woman cannot stop him. He must be stopped before he changes into a man. To do this the names of God must be used to destroy the evil names before they complete their sequence. If the names of God are used incorrectly during this battle, all will be lost.

Palestinian refugees Although their have been times when one particular evil name was used in a place against its people, most of the time several evil names will work in unison to destroy a people and their spirit. When hate is confronted with the mirror of its own ugliness it simply disguises itself as an intellectual argument and this is Diabolus helping Senay.

Once there was a man who rose up full of will and vitality and tried to destroy the decayer in his land. Illyurcin appeared and laid bare the man's weaknesses and those who would follow him were disheartened and so the decayer continued his work and the man left his people and his land. This is Illyurcin helping the decayer.

Holy man and the Devil by painter Michael Pacher
And when the beheaded is running free, Diabolus will give him purpose. In this case, the beheaded is made to help Diabolus usually to kill many people.

In these ways the evil names of Satan can work together and achieve what one name alone cannot.

The physical destruction of the sayer of the evil names will not necessarily destroy the essence of the evil names. Killing the sayer of the evil names may only make it more difficult to find him in his new form. Although there may be good reason to kill the sayer at a critical moment in his evil plan, doing so will only delay him.

Battle in the Heavens
The evil names are a presence that represents more than a single man. This presence is only defeated by the recitation of the names of God. When the evil names are destroyed the presence will be gone. For each evil name there are one or more names of God that when recited can defeat the effect and source of the evil name. The inverse of an evil name is not necessarily its defeater name. The name of Love alone cannot defeat the presence of hatred. Inverse and defeater names are usually, but not necessarily, the same. Some of the sixty-six names can have multiple defeaters. For instance the name of hatred requires both justice and love to destroy it. An evil name can always, without fail, be destroyed by the proper defeater name of God. When a name of God has been used in battle it is retired and can no longer be used in the battle. In this case the name of God is said to be exhausted. God is tireless and an exhausted name is merely called as such because the name has fulfilled its purpose.

Red flame
The most powerful infernal names require a third name of God to assist the first two in the destruction of the evil name. In some battles, where there was a particularly bad plague of hatred, the name of God that represented his supremacy and omnipotence assisted the names of justice and love in their destruction of the name of hate. In this case the third name is not retired but is only weakened in the battle. "...and when the two are weak against the one, the third shall assist but not be exhausted".

The Infernal Names

Tabbach - The Beheader
Ted Bundy - Serial Killer - beheaded
Ted Bundy - Serial Killer - beheaded
He strengthens primal, instinctual impulses until the mind is useless. Violent and raw sexual urges rule the beheaded. This name makes one like a walking headless corpse, with no mind. Unlike some who suppress their conscience or rationalize their evil actions, the beheaded one has undergone a complete spiritual beheading leaving no conscience at all to work with.

Islamic terrorist beheading - Beheaders
Islamic terrorist - beheaders - The beheader's special way of rejoicing
Occasionally, the beheader will cause one who has been spiritually beheaded to literally behead someone during a violent rampage and this is the beheader's special way of rejoicing. The beheader cannot be stopped by the spiritually powerful and so Diabolus can use the beheaded one to physically attack the spiritually protected. There is no shred of conscience in the beheaded that the pure ones can touch and so they cannot stop him unless they themselves resort to violence or trickery. No defeater name can save the spiritually beheaded. They will not last long anyway for in a state like this self-destruction quickly ensues. Those pre-disposed to beheading cannot protect themselves, but their friends can protect them with the name of truth.

Rev Ted Haggard who used crack and male prostitutes - beheaded
Rev Ted Haggard led 32 million conservative Christians and railed against gay marriages. Admitted to smoking crack cocaine and sex with male prostitutes - temporarily beheaded
William Clinton
Politician - Admitted he had sex with an intern while president of the United States.

If the beheader cannot spiritually behead someone he may be able to cause that person to temporarily run wild with lust or anger as though of a different mind. This person will do things he later regrets.

Tibchah - The Slayer Joseph Stalin
He is a murderer without conscience. When someone dies their emotion is most intense. The terror someone feels when they are being murdered is much worse than the pain they feel in their body. Tibchah can feed on this emotion and it will make him strong, therefore he must be hovering over the victim at the moment of death and if possible he will try to look into the eyes of his victim. Irziak and Tibchah are sometimes allied with each other and if this is the case Senay will be more difficult to defeat.

Lord Shan Al Ad Darr Hitler and Goering.
He is the great strength of Satan. His will and his power mean that he can never die. He has the power to create evil where there was none. He is the corrupter of innocence. He does not increase corruption where it already exists. He goes where there is none and creates it. Only the heart that is naïve or self-absorbed, and thus disconnected from the spirit, is vulnerable. The sayer of this name will bring Lord Shan Al Ad Darr forth and then die. At the moment of the sayer's death, corruption is born in another nearby. Once the corruption is born it is like a spreading disease for which there is no cure. There is a holy name that will defeat the corrupter but it is better to protect the young and wait for the corrupted to die for there is little hope for them. The defeater name is Baraqiel.

Zaahd Asmodeus - Of The Shadows
The hider of evil and wickedness so that it can be conducted out of view of the just and thus be allowed to continue unabated in chaotic revelry. The hider of evil shall also help to make secret the machinations of intelligent yet evil men. Diabolus and Zaahd Asmodeus are almost inseparable. Defeater is Uriel. The Defeater name is definitely Light.

Diabolus - The Intelligent One

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed 911 mastermind

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed - 911 mastermind
Chaotic, uncontrolled evil cannot survive for long, but such evil combined with intelligence can plan for the future, and grow and last. Treachery is a word used often in connection with the presence of Diabolus. He is the guider of those who do evil, even if they do not know of his existence. He is with the rulers who plan lies and conspire against their enemies. He is there when murder is plotted and he gives craft to the molester of children. He is creative. He uses what God has given him and inverts it so that he may corrupt the will of good men. He works closely with the hidden and easily takes control of the beheaded ones and uses them for his purposes. It is said the hallmark of Diabolus is that he will betray his mentor.

The one ring to rule them all

Anwar al-Aulaqi
Anwar al-Aulaqi
Plotter of murder and terror.
Goodness alone cannot destroy Diabolus for he is strong and persistent. He is powerful and only light and wisdom combined can destroy him. Because Diabolus is one of the more powerful infernal names, it is usually necessary for a third defeater name, purity, to assist light and wisdom in the destruction of Diabolus. If ever Diabolus should ally with Lord Shan Al Ad Darr there will be great evil that holy men alone cannot defeat. At such a time, the power and majesty of God himself must be called and --if it please God-- he will destroy this demon. The Name used to call upon the majesty and might of God is Darshan Lord Kazahk.
To see a real world example of Diabolus at work click here: The Real Diabolus

Illyurcin - The Knower of Weaknesses
The just and the moral can be corrupted only by their weaknesses. Illyurcin knows the weaknesses of all instantly. They cannot be hidden from him. He will exploit your weaknesses and worsen them. The Defeater of this name is unusual in that the defeater name depends on the weakness being exploited. A man of lust must use the name of purity to defeat the knower of weaknesses. The compulsive liar must use the name of truth to save himself, and so forth.

pekh-eh'-theth - The Decayer
Decays and causes to rot the bond of love that binds a family, a community, a people or a nation. When a group is weakened by one of the other names such as hatred or egotism then the Decayer can bring disunity. He does much of his work long after the original conflict has been forgotten. He cannot be defeated until the original evil that preceded the decay is vanquished. The defeater name is Azrael.

Preshta - The divider
Boy and soldier in front of Israeli wall The bringer of division --literally "wresting apart". He needs the hider and the bringer of anger to succeed. When Preshta succeeds, it is at this time that holy men can hear the laughter of Satan.

Id Jakruel - The Sayer of the Sixty-Six Names

He brings them forth from the darkness, for the names can persist when the last man has forgotten them. The Sayer can recall the infernal names from the memories of the dead or even from the darkness itself. The heart of the sayer is pure evil with no motive. The purpose of the Id Jakruel is to ensure that the knowledge of the Infernal Names stays in the memory of men. When the Id Jakruel recites the Infernal Names men who do not care about God will hear the names within their souls. Call out the name of the Sayer and you too shall become a sayer. Once a man becomes a sayer the last bit of conscience is gone from him and there will never be any love in him again. Yes, this name has the power to permanently destroy the soul. He is different from the beheaded in that he still has purpose and mind. It is not known whether Id Jakruel can be permanently destroyed, but he can be weakened by killing him in his physical form. Killing him however increases the chance that he may be more difficult to find when he once again assumes physical form and if he cannot be found and killed during a critical moment in the battle of light versus darkness then evil may prevail for a century or more. Consider carefully whether killing him is the right course of action.

Zadyan - Fear
He inverts our thoughts so that fear can exist in them. Fear is a specter with no substance. Only when the mind is irrational can fear come into it. He makes thought unclear and circular so that fear can begin. Although there is a defeater name, the steady breath can also destroy fear. When the breath is steady, the lake of thoughts is calm and when the lake is rough the breath is shallow. Dhul-Qarnayn can help one keep fear at bay but cannot overcome it. Zadyan is a contagion. Those susceptible are those who fear Zadyan. If they cannot control their fear of Zadyan they will have no choice but to embrace what they fear; to escape what they fear they will become what they fear, and so many who fear evil become evil. If one fears evil it is forgivable. God knows that life can have great challenges and he forgives the weakness of fear before one even asks for forgiveness. One must pray for strength and have faith. If after saying these prayers the fear continues then one must 'act as though ye had faith.'

Paris Hilton retouched photo
Donald Trump 45th President of the United States
Bill O'Reilly Television political commentator.
Bill O'Reilly Television political commentator. Author of a book about himself entitled A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity
Selfishness and jealousy are caused by this name. When this name is spoken blindness begins. One can no longer see the natural bond of love that ties us together. This bond gives us empathy for others and when it is lost one can only see oneself.

Senay - Hatred
Enraged Muslim youth
Enraged Muslim youth
Neo-nazi youth
Neo-nazi youth
Childs Science Project
Senay means hatred

His hatred is the blackness to which the eyes cannot adjust no matter how long one remains in the darkness. It is powerful. It can instantly destroy good spirits and quickly infect others obliterating their happiness. The names of love and truth must combine to defeat hatred. It must be noted that hate is Satan's most treasured emotion, especially in men.

Nizyhat Matool
Intuition is one of God's greatest gifts to humanity and subverting it for purposes of evil is the beginning of satanic magic. Recitation of this name will empower the evil ones with the ability to know the inner most thoughts and feelings of others. This is how the evil ones are able to easily manipulate the innocent. When recited more intensely one may gain the power to always be in the right place at the right time so as to take advantage of fortuitous circumstances. It has been said by holy men "Fate favors the holy but it also favors the Nizyhat Matool." The Diabolus is most adept at benefiting from the recitation of this name.

Belial - Pleasure /* istidraj */
Mardi Gras
Reckless abandon
Recitation of this name brings the sweetest pleasures to be had, earthly pleasures that will lure men and women away from the goodness of life. Sexual pleasures and fetishes, or lying down with another who possesses rare beauty can draw one into this realm of pleasure. And the pleasures of the palate too can draw some away.

Bottled cannabis
Pleasure enhancer

Intoxicants have lured men into the realm of Belial since the beginning of time, most especially the ones that alter the mind and intensify the other pleasures. In the realm of Belial, pleasures become more important than a man's loved ones and so he gradually loses love and then his soul begins to rot. It takes great will to defeat Belial, and it also takes love. A love for God is the highest love. Therefore the defeater names for Belial are Zaqiel and Ar-Ra'd. Depending on the individual who has been affected by Belial these two defeater names may be used in varying degrees. In some cases one of the two names alone will suffice. In the battle against the Shaitan, a holy name should only be used when it is absolutely necessary.


William Calley and the My Lai massacre

William Calley and the My Lai massacre
Irziak is the essence of the pleasure one can take in inflicting pain upon another. The want of this pleasure is not necessarily born of vengeance. When Irziak inflicts pain he sometimes has a secret smile if he does not want the victim to know he is taking such pleasure. This secret smile is the desecration of the smile of the soul that almost all humans have. Only holy men and perhaps a few others can see the smile of the soul.
To see a real world example of Irziak at work click here: The Real Irziak

e-gyahmtz - Death Pile of skulls
This name means Death and it is not the death of a man who has lead a good and wholesome life, but it is the death that Iblis has promised for those who have been weak and have succumbed to the influence of the evil names. It is not a peaceful death. It is a death of uncontrollable fear and painful regrets. There is no defeater name for it. Once it is upon you it cannot be escaped. The only hope one has is to defeat the evil name which first pre-disposed one to the influence of e-gyamtz before it is too late.

e-krualt - The Sickness Maggot infested leg

In the being of Satan there is a quality that is the source of all illness in man. It is not a darkness. It is the vile filth that the soul can be infected with when one partakes of worldly pleasures and when one surrenders to the baser emotions. Once the soul is infected by e-krualt, physical illness will soon follow. The defeater name is Hamlat Al-Arsh, purity, but it may be necessary for the name of Hai -life- to assist. If life assists it shall not be exhausted. But the names are not enough. One must also refrain from any physical thing which might make the illness worse such as alcohol, smoke or pork. In cases, where a miraculous healing took place it was because e-krualt had been suddenly eliminated.

Mital - Bone
Mital is that which sustains the doer of evil when what he has sewn he reaps. For the doer of evil will eventually become weak from the effects of his evil and then only mital can sustain him. This word also means bone.

Dimaa Balasha (Ibliss) - The Spiller of Blood Saddam Hussein
He causes nations, men and sometimes children to fight and spill each other's blood. When men have absolutely no reason to fight, Dimaa Balasha will give them reasons --reasons that seem perfectly good. It will seem to those that would do violence that they have no other choice --that they must kill. Dimaa Balasha works well with Presta, the Divider.

Shahpeer - The Untruth
Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon
North Korea
Kim Jong Un
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity - TV Show Host

His arguments are nearly perfect. Learned men believe him and reason alone cannot convince others that he is a liar. His purpose is not to cause all to lie, but to make honest men and women believe in a lie. His lies will touch the dark shadows in men without their knowing it. A lie --any lie-- must have passion to sustain it and so arguments of reason cannot defeat the lies of Shahpeer, but a passion for truth easily defeats Shahpeer. Most times, Shahpeer dies off because he has lost the passion for his own lies. The defeater word is Phanuel, but it is better to wait patiently and let Shahpeer fade, for then all will see that his words were not lasting.

Ban Hudar - The Stench of Death
Muammar Gaddafi Ban Hudar is he who is responsible for the foul stench of a rotting soul. Although Ban Hudar can be likened to the stench of rotting corpses, it is usually a scent that is smelt not with the nose but rather with senses of the soul. When Ban Hudar is near, the good soul becomes uncomfortable, like an unwelcome presence that one cannot quite isolate. A soul that has rotted for decades because of the effects of Belial will eventually produce the foul stench of Ban Hudar and, if unchecked, the stench will grow so strong that it can be physically smelt with the nose. If the stench of Ban Hudar is upon a person, he is ill and will soon die.
Muammar Gaddafi

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