A few tips for Unreal noobs:


Unreal has perhaps the fastest pace of any online game, even faster than other first person shooters, especially during deathmatch. Other games like Onslaught and CTF may be a touch slower.


Tip #1 Know thy map!

Unreal Image face classic
Know where objects are! If your opponent knows where weapons, health, etc is and you don't, they will have an enormous advantage. Running a somewhat flexible circuit and picking up resources between fights is good. Maybe learn the map in single player first.

Learn hidden vantage points for snipering (also called camping). Can you find Agent Smith in his sniper vantage point? Some servers disallow camping while others are dedicated to it.

Don't know the map? Don't hit fire when entering! Come on the map as a spectator just fly around the map before entering to play. Coming into a game late will give you a lower score as you have less scoring time --but so what.

Tip #2  Setup Key Bindings

You MUST setup keys and 'key bindings' so you can almost instantly change weapons --advanced players always do this. This is called 'fast weapon switching'. Bind weapon switching keys close to the movement keys and be able to do fast weapon switching without your fingers leaving the movement keys. Instead of the arrow keys, advanced players will use the A, D, W and S keys because they are closer to other keys that can switch weapons and do other things.


Key bindings can do more than change a weapon. For instance the following key binding placed in your user.ini file will let you press the Keypad0 (ensure numlock is ON) to change to the Shield gun with shield engaged and on releasing the key switch back to the previous weapon:


NumPad0=SwitchWeapon 1|AltFire|OnRelease SwitchToLastWeapon


There is a program called UTBinder2004.exe that will setup key binding if you canít handle a little coding. I use it because Iím lazy.

There is something similar to key bindings called aliases. The advanced players all use these. They let you do more complex weapon switching. Try this binding in user.ini:


NumPad4=pipedSwitchWeapon 8|pipedSwitchWeapon 7


Try this alias:



Aliases[26]=(Command="SwitchWeapon 10 | Button bfire | OnRelease SwitchWeapon 10",Alias="transcam")


Tip #3 Translocation

You must know how to use the translocator! Practice in single player and notice that aiming the translocator and aiming weapons is not the same! The translocator tends to shoot up in an arc unlike missiles or bullets which shoot in a straight line. Just after translocating and before letting up on the right mouse, press the left mouse to quickly switch back to your previous weapon --this is crucial. Translocate above an opponent and shoot him from above. Some games have the translocator disabled. Being able to quickly translocate onto a ledge or somewhere is a great advantage.


Also, did you know you can kill by displacing another player with the translocator? Try shooting the translocator and then pressing Q.


Tip #4 Aim

Choose, test and re-choose you're crosshair carefully. Make sure it is not too big to block images and not so small that you can't see it. USE IT TO AIM!

AIMING: You MUST use the crosshair! Did you know the crosshair stays in the same place! It never moves on the screen. Keep you eyes on the crosshair and keep the players in your close-in peripheral vision around the crosshair. You can set the crosshair style in the weapons database. Red crosshairs can be obscured by blood at a key moment. Green crosshairs can be obscured by grass and trees.

Another very important aspect of aiming is the in game 'mouse sensitivity' setting. For weapons that require better aim like the shock rifle (as opposed to the flak gun) a lower setting will provide much better aiming. If you have no idea how to set it, start with mouse sensitivity at 1.75, mouse smoothing at .50 and leave mouse acceleration at zero. You really need to go into 1 on 1 instagib, practice aiming and adjust sensitivty as needed.


Generally you should aim just ahead of your target's predicted trajectory. How far ahead depends on the weapon. Good aim takes lots of practice and concentration.


Tip #5 Defeat Shield Camping

Shield camping image
Shield camping is when a player stands right on a portal with the shield gun fully charged and then unleashes on anyone coming thru. It can make a portal impassable. Most servers prohibit it but many players do it anyway. Defeating Shield camping: Hold alt fire on the rocket gun (count'em - three rockets) and walk thru the portal committing suicide! Allah ho Akbar! This assumes you know theyíre on the other side of the portal. You can also translocate up the side or backside of the face classic tower (or a similar maneuver on another map) and then kill'em but this is more time consuming and usually too late.

Tip #6  Donít get Fragged

This tip really is for complete noobies. Ever see how the cops in TV shows walk around a corner? They go around the corner sideways already facing a potential enemy. You really need to learn how to strafe Ėor move sideways. When I am running in the game, Iíd say half the time I am moving sideways or backwards.


Tip #7  Suicide

Suicide by itself doesn't acomplish much but as part of a coordinated strategy in can be a big factor in winning a game. A sick thought and yet it is true in this game and in war. For instance, have one player run into the opposition's flag chamber with the redeemer and commit suicide. (You may be able to clear the chamber without committing suicide). Once the chamber is clear another couple players, one grabbing the flag and one closely covering, move in.


Tip #8  Deathmatch

Doom Blood

Actually, tip #8 is a bunch of CLOSE COMBAT Tips

Quick reactions are of course important.

Make sure you have a fast mouse (which requires a little knowledge of hardware) Forget about wireless mice! All wireless connections will get you fragged a lot!

Camping is when you hide and sniper everyone from your birds-eye vantage point. Some servers don't like camping and even have software mutators to prevent camping for more than a specified period. Other servers are dedicated to camping.

Bunny hopping is good, although jumping in low-grav environments to avoid fire can leave you slowly floating in the air as an excellent target.

When you learn to kill a lot you may want to jump for joy --don't do this. You'll get your head blown off.

When fighting you, must keep moving, aiming and firing while you move.

Dodging in various directions is the best way to move when fighting. Double tap keys to dodge. It is crucial to master dodging and be able to do it.

Dodge jumping and wall dodging are excellent advanced moves.

Dodge jumping over your opponent then hitting them from behind is a classic advanced technique.

Running backwards, will at times, be necessary.

The link gun's regular fire is useless. Put the Alt fire on your opponent and hold it there.

The rocket gun missile targeting system is also fairly useless.

In levels designed for close combat, especially indoor maps, you must go for health, shielding, ammo and other special items, like double damage, between fights.

Watch health!

Ambush your opponent by seeing their direction and then 'go round the back way' and wait for them, preferably from a hidden vantage point.


Tip #9  CTF 

Co-ordinate!  VOIP is the best way to coordinate an attack. Get Team Speak. When one player goes for the flag, have 1 or 2 others cover him.

For CTF defense, one good sniper can do a lot. I particularly enjoy taking out snipers.

Some players like to drop a translocator just before they take the enemy flag. After they get the flag back and score, they translocate back to the enemy base and take the flag again. This strategy can backfire. If someone shoots a translocator laying on the ground it kills the player and they, of course, drop the flag.
Escape with adrenaline speed once you have the flag and you are ready to scram. The shield might help a little too during the escape. If damage is set to zero shoot your team mate back to your base --shock boosting.


Tip #10  Onslaught

Two things about Onslaught.

1  Understand the various types of onslaught. Know the order for linking power nodes.

2  Just as in CTF a superior strategy usually gives a victorious advantage, the same is true of onslaught only more so.


Tip #11

BEST ADVICE IN A NUTSHELL: keep moving as fast and unpredictable as possible (unless camping), aim, concentrate and strategize!



Miscellaneous Tips:


Turn off public chat - its all whiners and shit heads. Team chat is better. There is a mod, called 'team speak', to let you see who is talking and if you are an admin you can kick out the assholes making racists comments.


Dark or camouflage skins are very good. Avoid 'cool' or flashy skins (characters). Some servers may disallow skins that are too hard to see. In team games, some custom skins may result in friendly fire.


Learn the Shock Combo well. Also learn what the rocket gun does when you hold Alt fire and then, without letting up on the right mouse, press the left key before it unloads.


UT2004 - Unreal Politics:

Despite what the more official websites say, aimbots do abound although it is common for newbies too falsely accuse good players. Aimbots are auto-aiming programs used by players with no skill. There are websites that sell easy to use aimbots. If anyone is a 'botter' its the imbeciles that use aimbots. The makers of the game and Unreal admins have tried to ban players with aimbots but they have done little to stop them. The truth nobody wants to admit is that aimbots have made this game a whole lot less popular. Good players know when an aimbot is being used and they just quit the game and the server. Noobs get incredibly discouraged by aimbots --not knowing the difference-- and quit the game altogether.


You know its funny, when I drink a little I don't play worse. Maybe it takes the edge off and gives a little sang froide.