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WAN IP & free remote access to your computer

I use WinVNC --free- to connect remotely to my computer. I use the encryption plugin which helps with security. Its not perfect but it works pretty well. Trouble is, many other solutions require you to know your WAN IP address or purchase a domain name and install dynamic DNS so that when your IP changes it gets matched to the domain name. (You also need to forward the VNC port if you have a router).

With this method you don't need any of that.

This very simple bat file sends me my WAN IP every 4 hours. Download 2 free programs, curl and blat, put'em in a folder and ensure they are in the system path. (Last time I checked, neither program has a formal install). Then automate this simple 2 line bat file through the windows scheduler:

curl -o myipaddress.html blat myipaddress.html -to -subject "the address" -serverSMTP -f -u my-ISP-user -pw your-smtp-password

curl copies a url with your IP into a file and blat emails the file to you. If you don't like putting your SMTP password in a file, blat will let you put it in the registry.

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