Books I've read since I canceled my cable TV TV show playing
You just had to watch that little TV, didn't you?

Cancel TV!

Lamentation - Ken Scholes
Galactic North - Alastair Reynolds
Redemption Ark - Alastair Reynolds
Diamond Dogs ~ Turqouise days - Alastair Reynolds
Revelation Space - Alastair Reynold
Perdido Street Station - China Mieville (120 word sentence, wow!)
The Hyperboreans - Burton Harvey (uggg!)
Use of Weapons - Iain Banks (pulpy but palatable)
Celestis - Paul Park
The Quantum Thief - Hannu Rajaniemi
Canticle - Ken Scholes
Kingdown beyond the Waves - Stephen Hunt
Surface Detail - Iain Banks (rip)
Antiphon - Ken Scholes
House of Suns - Alastair Reynolds
Embassytown - China Mieville
The Windup Girl - Paolo Bacigalupi

Not in stack:
The City and City - China Mieville (Probably his best)
Railsea - China Mieville
Crime and Punishment - Dostoyevsky
Master and Commander - Patrick O'Brian (126 word sentence)
Post Captain - Patrick O'Brian (rip)
At the Mountains of Madness - H. P. Lovecraft
Muhammmad - Karen Armstrong
The Prefect - Alastair Reynolds
Harvest of Time - Alastair Reynolds (Yes, TV based pulp but it was exceptional)
Requiem - Ken Scholes
The Lost Starship - Vaughn Heppner
Revenger - Alastair Reynolds (pretty damn good)
Dune - Frank Herbert
Children Dune - Frank Herbert
God Emperor of Dune - Frank Herbert
Heretics of Dune - Frank Herbert
Charles Stross - Neptune's Brood

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